Monique Jones, Senior Public Health Sanitarian, Dutchess County Department of Health

  • 7 years of service

Monique Jones

Monique Jones has exhibited a personal commitment to educating individuals on environmental health-related topics that can have significant public health implications. She has worked to maintain a partnership with the local chapter of the SPCA to provide free and coordinated pet rabies vaccination clinics. Recognizing that having vaccinated pets can reduce human rabies exposures, Ms. Jones is dedicated to selecting host locations that are accessible to members of the general public who may be unable to pay for these pet services. She has also developed a food safety training program and works to provide critical food safety information to food service workers and to the dining public. Targeting two key populations, her combined efforts are focused on increasing food safety awareness and reducing the occurrence of food borne illness within the community. Ms. Jones takes a lead role in working collaboratively with other members of this department to facilitate outreach focused on improving public health. These efforts include raising retailer awareness regarding the affect of tobacco point of purchase advertising, educating individuals about drowning victim recognition, and raising awareness about the use of products containing trans fats.