Jill Burley, RN, Supervising Public Health Nurse Livingston County Department of Health

Jill Burley

  • 13 years of service

Jill Burley assumed the challenge of supervising the new Community Health Worker Program (CHWP), a peer Outreach Worker Program for high-risk pregnant women, with goals to identify pregnant women and facilitate access to early prenatal care and health insurance. The effort represented a pilot to bring an urban model to a rural county.

Under Jill's leadership the CHWP has been successfully implemented. Jill developed the charting system and forms, referral rosters, outreach strategies, client tracking and monitoring. As a result 80 high-risk pregnant women were enrolled in CHWP and received home visits in 2009. Positive impact on health outcomes for these women include: 100% of clients accessed dental care, 81% were breast-feeding at hospital discharge, and only 2.3% gave birth to LBW infants. Jill's vision, knowledge of community, ability to work with a diverse population, and organizational skills helped to realize a Public Health Program that makes a real difference to the future of families in Livingston County.

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