Environmental Health Division, Madison County Department of Health

Environmental Health Division, Madison County DOH

Left to Right

Aaron Lazzara, Ruth Boyd, Peter Church, William Wrenn, Natasha Leland, Kenneth Cronn, Cindy Holdridge and Andrew Lachut

Not in photo:

Geoffry Snyder and Virginia Zombek

The Environmental Health staff excels in their work assignments and program responsibilities. From the scrutiny they extend to ensure the safe delivery of water and the emphasis placed on educating operators on safe food service practices; to the competent manner that rabies clinics are conducted, each staff member takes pride in the role they play in preventing disease and promoting public health.

They exhibit enthusiasm and marked interest in the tasks at hand with a willingness to assist fellow staff and the public. They strive to sustain the deserved reputation of responsiveness, teamwork and dedication that they have earned from coworkers, permitted operators, State and local partners, municipal officials and the public.

Each brings diverse backgrounds and interests, along with unique qualities, and expertise that complement and enhance the Division's performance. The tenacity they extend to eliminate health threats and educate our constituents symbolizes their dedication and professionalism.

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