Onondaga County Shigellosis Response Team, Onondaga County Health Department

Onondaga County Shigellosis Response Team


  • David Czerkies, Heidi Mason, Julie Scutt, RN, Robin Arnold, Gretchen Pierson, Rebecca Schultz, Sharon St.Louis, RN, Kevin Zimmerman and Anna Amaya, RN, BSN

Not Pictured:

  • Quoc V. Nguyen, MD, Amy D’Arcy and Diane Rothermel

During the summer of 2012, outbreaks of several clusters of shigellosis were reported in Onondaga County, most significantly in child care centers. Compared to the previous year’s total of 4 cases, there were 246 cases of shigellosis over a period of several months. An investigative team of staff from the Bureau of Disease Control, Environmental Health and Surveillance and Statistics worked diligently night and day, including weekends, to investigate and contain clusters of cases. Staff provided intensive education on procedures to minimize exposure in the child care facilities. They provided stool kits, tracked contacts and absences, and provided information on symptoms and stay-at-home guidelines to families. Through the outstanding professional collaboration of Health Department staff and their work with the public, the outbreak was successfully contained and mitigated. This was a notable example of dedication and an “all hands on deck” work ethic in response to a public health risk.

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