Brenda Coyle, Senior Account Clerk Typist, Tompkins County Health Department

Brenda Coyle, Senior Account Clerk Typist

  • 9 years of service

Brenda Coyle joined Tompkins County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division as a Senior Account Clerk Typist over seven years ago. She has consistently been considered one of the "stars" of the Environmental Health Division providing exceptional work year after year. EH long-timers all agree that Brenda's interpersonal skills and professionalism are key to the positive work environment that now exists between support staff and technical staff within the Division. Brenda handles the public with grace serving as a role model for others in the Division to follow. Brenda’s organizational and IT skills contribute to the efficiency of day-to-day functioning of the Division. Her thoughtful suggestions and tireless efforts have been essential to the promotion and success of the Division’s new initiatives and smooth transition through the retirement of experienced staff.

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