Gregson Pigott, MD, MPH, Medical Program Administrator, Suffolk County Department of Health Services

Gregson Pigott, MD, MPH, Medical Program Administrator

  • 11 years of service

Gregson H. Pigott, MD, MPH, has served as the Director of the Office of Minority Health (OMH) in the Suffolk County Department of Health Services since June 2009. Each year, Dr. Pigott coordinates an annual conference devoted to eliminating health disparities. Past conferences have focused on obesity, diabetes, cancer, emergency services and cultural literacy. Noting that an effective way to reach minority populations is through the community, Dr. Pigott organized the Suffolk County Gospel Health Fest, which offered inspiration, entertainment and health screenings, as well as the soccer health fest, featuring all-day tournaments and health screenings. Dr. Pigott directs the ongoing Suffolk County SHOPs program and Baby Showers Program, both National Association of Counties (NACo) award winners. Additionally, Dr. Pigott serves as the medical director of Suffolk County Emergency Medical Services, as health care provider in the county’s methadone clinics, and Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University.

SHOPs is the acronym for “Suffolk County Health Outreach Partnerships” – The SHOPs program collaborates with over 20 minority-owned beauty salons and barber shops in an effort to educate individuals about health issues facing minority communities. The SHOPS program conducts presentations focusing on sexually transmitted infections and HIV, CPR, stroke, and offered blood pressure and body mass index screenings at participating shop locations. In collaboration with the New York State Anonymous Testing Program and the County STD unit, on-site HIV and STD testing have also been offered.

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