Marianne Stone, Associate Public Health Sanitarian, Albany County Department of Health

Marianne Stone, Associate Public Health Sanitarian

  • 24 years of service

Marianne Stone has an amazing work ethic and dedication to improving public health. In addition to delivering the best quality services she serves as a role model to all in the Division of Environmental Health. Marianne’s responsibilities cover many areas including the food program which issues permits for restaurants, schools, institutions, mobile vendors and events. She plans reviews for new facilities and handles the rabies program which includes communication with doctors, hospitals, nursing, laboratories and the public. She has been known to personally search for an animal to try and prevent someone from having to undergo vaccination. She also handles Children’s Camps, Tattooing and Smoking. Marianne is knowledgeable in a great many areas and is always willing to share her knowledge with others. On her off time she plants and tends a garden out in front of the department for all to enjoy.

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