Marilyn Reynolds, Supervising Public Health Nurse, Tioga County Department of Health

Marilyn Reynolds, Supervising Public Health Nurse Tioga County Department of Health

  • 16 years of service

Marilyn Reynolds has been the Supervising Public Health Nurse in Tioga County for sixteen years and is a backbone of knowledge and leadership. Marilyn came to us from a long nursing career in public health- related areas, specifically concentrated in the Maternal and Child Health fields. She has extensive knowledge of adult and child immunizations, childhood lead poisoning and human rabies exposure.

Despite her unquestionable amount of knowledge and experience, she is always eager to continue her education through new learning opportunities. Marilyn receives outstanding reviews, not only from Tioga County, but also from the New York State Department of Health. Her vast experience, attention to detail and commitment to Public Health always ensures our department's success. Marilyn is, without a doubt, one of our health department's most dedicated and professional employees.

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