Team Tablet, Onondaga County Health Department

Team Tablet, Onondaga County Health Department

Front Row (L-R)
Heidi Mason, Environmental Health Tech II, Steve LaGuardia, Sanitarian I, Russell Mangicaro, Sanitarian I, Amy D'Arcy, Sanitarian I, Robin Arnold, Sanitarian I

Back Row (L-R)
David Czerkies, Sanitarian IV, Matthew Alexander, Sanitarian III, Jeff Dennis, Sanitarian I, Richard Petit, Sanitarian II, Jennifer Bryz-Gornia, Environmental Health Tech I, Dawn Watkins, Sanitarian II, Gretchen Pierson, Sanitarian III

Not pictured
Kim Moran, Environmental Health Tech II, Rebecca Amidon, Sanitarian I, Kara Huff, Sanitarian I, Wendy Kurlowicz, Sanitarian III

This team successfully transitioned from using written paper inspection forms to using eForms on computer tablets which link to the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) through the eHIPS (Environmental Health Information Processing System). The team consisted of staff from Food Protection, Residential Environmental Health (nuisance and housing inspections), Temporary Residence/Recreation Facilities (Hotel/motels, mobile home parks, children's camps, public swimming pools, bathing beaches, tanning), and ATUPA (retail tobacco compliance checks). The use of tablets has resulted in paper savings, reduced file storage space, and increased efficiency in both state mandated reporting and public access to restaurant inspection reports. Staff is now able to devote more time to improving the environmental health of their community by doing multiple inspections at high risk facilities, participating in quality improvement projects, and assisting with other important environmental health programs.

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