Human Resources, Westchester County Department of Health

Steve Cancel, Program Administrator (Payroll-Personnel), Bouchta El Kharroubi, Sr. Personnel Staff Assistant

Not pictured: Linda Lavoie, Sr. Personnel Clerk

The Westchester County Department of Health strives to maintain a valued, engaged and informed workforce to provide quality public health services. At the heart of achieving this goal is the Department's Human Resources team that works tirelessly to ensure critical public health positions are filled quickly. Their solid efforts include: expanding recruitment strategies to attract qualified candidates, instituting panel interviews, and ensuring staff meets requirements to perform their jobs. The team is a tremendous resource to all 250 employees; providing information on benefits, policies and support to supervisors faced with difficult situations. This team has been critical in identifying resources during public emergencies by creatively exploring multiple resource options. Working toward accreditation, this team assisted in a new employee onboarding orientation and is tackling the creation of a workforce development plan. Many public health successes of the department are tied to the incredible support provided by this outstanding team.