Clinical Services Staff, Albany County Department of Health

Front Row: Theresa Decker, Clerical Staff Celia Evers, LPN; Lisa Heath, RN

Back Row: Mary Brummagyn, Supervising Public Health Nurse; Lisa McGivern, Clerical Staff; Kilynn Erwin, RN; Teresa Scipione, RN

Not Pictured: Patricia Preston, Public Health Aide

Our Clinical Services Staff work tirelessly to deliver individual clinical services to the residents of Albany County. They provide STI education, testing, and treatment services and work closely with our Epidemiology and Communicable Disease staff to decrease the incidence of TB by identifying, evaluating, and treating persons with active and latent TB. In addition, they work to prevent the spread of vaccine preventable disease. Recently, in response to the new law and regulations ending religious exemptions to vaccines, clinical services staff, along with other departmental staff rapidly operationalized two large scale immunization clinics where 176 students received just short of 300 vaccines. These students had been excluded from school due to inadequate vaccine coverage and were able to return to school in a timely manner and the school immunization rates improved greatly.