New York State Poison Control Network - Annual Report on 2001 Data

Appendix Two

Graphic Presentation of Statistical Information

2001 Total Calls

2001 total calls

Information Calls

information calls

Definitions of Information Calls Collected by the Poison Centers
  • Drug Information: Question about drugs such as dosage, indications, contraindications, side effects, interactions and ingredients.
  • Drug Identification:
  • Questions Involving the identity of a drug or medication.
  • Environmental: Questions involving contamination of air, water or soil including disposal of chemicals, potential danger of treatments by lawn care or exterminators.
  • Medical: Questions not related to poisonings.
  • Occupational: Questions about potential job related exposures.
  • Poison: Questions regarding drug and substance abuse, unconsummated food that may be spoiled or contaminated, safe food handling, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, or toxicity of a substance.
  • Prevention: Questions regarding product safety, poison prevention, requests for literature.
  • Teratogenicity: Questions regarding fetal effects of drugs or chemicals.
  • Other: Requests for lectures or media interviews, checking accuracy of the poison center telephone number or any other pertinent questions not included above.
  • Substance Abuse: Questions about drug screens, effects of illicit drugs (no known patient) new trends, or withdrawal from illicit drugs (no known patient).
  • Administrative:Questions regarding administrative calls.
  • Caller Referred:Category used by centers for calls immediately referred to another information resource without providing any information.

Age Distribution

age distributions

Reasons for Human Exposure Calls

reasons for human exposure

Medical Outcome of Human Exposure Cases

Medical outcomes

Management of Human Exposure Cases

Management of cases

Route of Human Exposure Calls


Site of Human Exposure Calls