Integrated Care Workgroup

Workgroup Overview

Beginning in 2015, this workgroup met monthly under the following charge:

  • Establish eligibility criteria, metrics, and milestones for Advanced Primary Care (APC) model.
  • Align Medicaid DSRIP projects, PCMH programs, ACO development, SIM initiatives and APC.
  • Define and develop primary care practice transformation support.
  • Define value-based payment options and recommend payment models to be adopted across payers in support of APC.

Workgroup Materials

Integrated Care Workgroup Meeting Materials

Date Meeting Number Topics Discussed
October 7, 2016 Meeting #17 (PDF)
  • APC Score Card Update
  • New York State of Transformation: Panel Discussion on CMMI RFI
  • Governance
  • Going Forward: Purchasers, Payers, Patients, and Providers
  • Practice Transformation Tracking System (PTTS)
  • Facilitated Discussion on ICWG’s Key Findings
July 12, 2016 Meeting #16 (PDF)
  • Governance Proposal
  • Update on payer engagement; Summary of recent payer-purchasing meeting
  • APC and Other Updates
  • Scorecard Update
  • Facilitated Discussion
May 9, 2016 Meeting #15 (PDF)
  • NEBGH Update on Payer Advisory Council
  • DFS Support of APC Investments
  • Next Steps post RFI: 1on1 Plan Meetings and MOU Development
  • CPC+ Update and Crosswalk
  • Consumer Engagement Update
April 11, 2016 Meeting #14 (PDF)
  • Health Plan RFI: Status and Responses
  • Discussion on RFI Reponses
  • New York State's Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) Overview
  • NYC PHIP Update
  • Consumer Engagement Strategy
  • APC Score Card Update
March 8, 2016 Meeting #13 (PDF)
  • DFS Update
  • APC Model for 2017: structural and performance milestones,
  • Independent Validation Agent
  • APC/CMS Score Card Alignment
  • IPRO Score Card Update
  • SIM/TCPI/DSRIP Alignment
February 8, 2016 Meeting #12 (PDF)
  • Update on APC scorecard
  • Milestones update: performance milestones, structural milestones details, behavioral health update
  • APC alignment with other programs: APC/TCPI alignment, TA database and workforce efforts on care managers,
  • Governance update
January 11, 2016 Meeting #11 (PDF)
  • Updates on model: performance milestones and behavioral health
  • Approach to gate determination,
  • Update on APC scorecard
  • Discussion of payer and provider business cases
  • APC working model for 2016
November 16, 2015 Meeting #10 (PDF)
  • Medicaid alignment with APC
  • Practice Transformation Technical Assistance (including oversight/TCPI alignment)
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Updates on stakeholder engagement
October 16, 2015 Meeting #9 (PDF)
  • Updates to the APC Model: Capabilities and Milestones,
  • Integration of allied programs into APC:NCQA, TCPI, CPCI, MAPCP, DSRIP
  • Updates on stakeholder engagement (payer focus)
  • Updates on Core Measures and PT RFP
September 11, 2015 Meeting #8 (PDF)
  • Progress of APC since July 31st
  • Demonstration of a primary care practice's path through APC Milestones
  • Approaches to payer and provider alignment to facilitate a successful and timely APC roll-out
July 31, 2015 Meeting #7 (PDF)
  • Feedback from NEBGH and provider listening sessions
  • Core Measures Follow-up
  • Alternative Payment Models/Payment Model Straw-Person
  • Transformation RFP Decision Points/Straw-person
June 30, 2015 Meeting #6 (PDF)
  • Revised APC Tiers
  • Integration of Integrated Care
  • Common Measure Set for APC
  • Payment Models Discussion
  • Practice Transformation RFP
May 18, 2015 Meeting #5 (PDF)
  • APC Straw-Person Revised
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Common Measure Set for APC
  • Payment Models Discussion
April 28, 2015 Meeting #4 (PDF)
  • SIM Common Measure Set
  • Creation of the initial SHIP scorecard
  • APC Discussion
  • Measurement and APC
March 30, 2015 Meeting #3 (PDF)
  • Context and Re-Orientation
  • Developed the Integrated Care Workgroup Charge to achieve the Triple Aim.
  • Developed the APC Straw-Person model from the eyes of the consumer, provider and payer
February 25, 2015 Meeting #2 (PDF)
  • Update on PTN/TCPI initiatives since last meeting
  • Creation of the initial APC Straw-Person
January 16, 2015 Meeting #1 (PDF)
  • Overview of the current landscapes of primary care reforms and payment innovations.
  • Goals for the next 6-12 months and the short term deliverables
  • Plan for achieving long term reform