Workforce Workgroup

Workgroup Overview

This workgroup is charged with promoting New York State's health workforce to support its transition to integrated health care delivery including an Advance Primary Care Practice Model to assure comprehensive, coordinated and timely access to care.

Workgroup Materials

The following Core Curriculum Guidelines for training workers who provide care coordination services are strongly recommended for use statewide and can be accessed at the link below. The curriculum, which is designed to be adapted to fit local circumstances, consists of 9 modules that include topics, learning objectives and resources. Estimated time for all modules is between 36-45 hours. The curriculum was developed by a Subcommittee of the DSRIP/SIM Workforce Workgroup and presented to the Workgroup in June 2016:

Meeting Materials

Date Meeting Number Topics Discussed
December 20, 2017 Meeting #9 (PDF)
  • Presentation of Certified Peer Support Programs
  • DSRIP Update
  • Regulatory Modernization Initiative Update
  • Subcommittee Updates
  • Department of Health Workforce Program Update
August 25, 2017 Meeting #8 (PDF)
  • NYS SIM Advanced Primary Care Initiative Update
  • DSRIP Updates
  • Regulatory Modernization Initiative Overview
  • Rural Residency Program Update
  • Subcommittee Updates
March 6, 2017 Meeting #7 (PDF)
  • Workforce Workgroup Subcommittee Reports
  • DSRIP Updates
  • Rural Residency Program, Inter-professional Education and APC Update
November 21, 2016 Meeting #6 (PDF)
  • Workforce Workgroup Subcommittee Reports
  • DSRIP Updates
  • Update on workforce training/retraining activities from NYSDOH Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management.
June 17, 2016 Meeting #5 (PDF)
Care Coordination Guidelines (PDF)
  • Subcommittee #1 Reports
  • Subcommittee #3 Reports
  • DSRIP Updates
  • Revised Guidelines for Core Curriculum to Train Care Coordination Workers
February 24, 2016 Meeting #4 (PDF)
  • Subcommittee #1: Core Functions of Care Coordination Report Out
  • Subcommittee #2: Curricular Content of Care Coordination Being Formed
  • Subcommittee #3: Core Curriculum of Care Coordination Report Out
  • DSRIP Update
  • SIM Update
November 20, 2015 Meeting #3 (PDF)
  • Priority Area of Focus
  • Update on MRT Recommendations
  • SIM Funded Rural Residency Program
  • Telehealth
  • Sub-Workgroups on Care Coordination & Training
September 2, 2015 Meeting #2 (PDF)
Gallery Walk Pages (PDF)
  • Analysis Presentation
  • Idea Generation
June 19, 2015 Meeting #1 (PDF)
  • Ground Rules
  • Goals
  • Mandate and Objectives
  • Overview of SHIP, SIM & DSRIP