American Indian Health Program in New York State

AIHP Overview

The American Indian Health Program is responsible for providing access to medical care, dental care, and preventive health education for approximately 25,000 Native Americans living in reservation communities. In 2006-2007 over 100,000 health care visits were provided at the Nation clinics.

Health care services are provided to nine recognized American Indian Nations in New York State. (See map for tribe and clinic locations)

Health Care Delivery

Health care is provided in the following ways:

  • contract agreements between the Department and four hospitals to operate clinics on four reservations,
  • direct payment by the department for prescription drugs, medical equipment, laboratory services and referrals to doctors not working at the clinics,
  • direct contracts with two Nations for on-site primary care services, and
  • direct contract with one Nation to provide health coordination services.

Health Care Services provided at the Clinics

Services provided at the clinics include:

  • medical care, including prenatal care, pediatrics
  • dental care
  • foot care
  • diabetes education
  • mental health counseling
  • Enrollment services for Child Health Plus(CHP), Family Health Plus(FHP), Women, Infants, Children(WIC)

Program Background/History