Master Plan for Aging

'This month, we honor the older members of our communities for the many ways they have enriched our lives, and the many ways that they continue to form the bedrock of our society.  Older New Yorkers provide incredible contributions as mentors, workers, entrepreneurs, volunteers, caretakers, and leaders.  This month is a reminder that we have a moral obligation to ensure that older New Yorkers receive our every effort to provide them with a system of aging and long term care supports that enables them to live in dignity and good health, at their optimal level of independence, in the community of their choice.  We will spend the next year working together to live up to that responsibility, for current and future generations of New Yorkers.' - Chair of the Master Plan for Aging and New York State Deputy Commissioner Adam Herbst Esq. from the Office of Aging and Long Term Care

Under the leadership of Governor Kathy Hochul, New York State has embarked on a State Master Plan for Aging (MPA). The MPA is designed to ensure that older adults and individuals of all ages can live healthy, fulfilling lives while aging with dignity and independence.

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) are coordinating the MPA, building on decades of work and partnerships with state agencies, local governments and stakeholders.

First announced in Governor Hochul’s State of the State Address and Fiscal Year 2023 State Budget, the MPA process was further directed by Executive Order No. 23, which Governor Hochul signed on November 4, 2022.

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