Disability Etiquette Public Health Training

Course Description:

Developed by the New York State Department of Health, this Disability Etiquette training provides information, tools, and strategies for everyone. If you interact with the public professionally, or personally, this training is for you. It will help you build confidence to interact with people with disabilities effectively and respectfully.

How to Enroll

Image of course enrollment screen
  1. Create an account/log in at www.NYLearnsPH.com
  2. Select Course Catalog from the menu on left
  3. Search course using the Keyword "DHP-103"
  4. Click the blue hyperlinked Course Name
  5. On the next page, click Enroll
  6. Course is listed under My Courses
  7. From My Courses launch the training

For assistance with the Learning Management System (LMS), please contact: edlearn@health.ny.gov

For questions regarding the training, please contact the Disability and Health Program: DHP@health.ny.gov