Frequently Asked Questions - Family Outcomes Survey

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Early Intervention Family Outcomes Survey:

What is this survey about?

The Early Intervention Family Outcomes Survey was developed to collect information about the ways in which the Early Intervention Program helps families of children receiving early intervention services.

Why am I being asked to answer these questions?

This survey is for families who are ending (exiting) or have recently ended (exited) early intervention services. The results of this survey will help guide efforts to improve services and results for children and families receiving early intervention services.

Who should answer these questions?

We want the best information possible about the ways in which early intervention services have helped your family. For some families, one family member might complete this survey. In other families, several family members may want to decide together how to complete the survey. The decision about who should answer these questions is entirely up to you.

Am I required to complete the survey?

Your views are very important to us and we hope that you will help us by completing this survey. However, your participation is completely voluntary. If you decide to complete the survey, you may choose “Not Applicable” for any questions you feel do not apply to your family.

Who will see my answers to this survey?

Your specific answers to this survey will be kept confidential. The information gathered by this survey will only be reported by summarizing the answers of all families as a group. The answers of individual families will NOT be reported.

Will my answers affect the services my child or family receives in any way?

No. Your answers to this survey will not have any impact on the services your child or family currently receives or may receive in the future.

I received the survey but the address to which this survey was addressed is not the main caretaker. Can you please update your records?

The addresses and contact information used for the family survey are provided by the county Early Intervention Program offices. Please contact your service coordinator to discuss updating the child's file.

What do I do if I lost the copy of the survey that I was supposed to fill out?

We will be happy to send you survey information. Please email your request to or call (518) 473-7016 option 2. Please do not use the sample survey from the website.

How should I fill out the form to reflect my true opinion of my experience?

The Family Outcomes Survey was designed to answer specific questions about Early Intervention Services. It does not measure many aspects of services that you may have an opinion of. We are aware of the fact that it may not reflect your overall experience with Early Intervention Services.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the survey?

If you have any questions about the survey you may contact us at (518) 473-7016, option 2, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM. You may also contact us via e-mail using

If you have any questions about the services your child is or was receiving, please contact your local county Early Intervention representative. The contact information is located on the website at Municipal/County Contacts for the Early Intervention Program

What if my child has already exited from the Early Intervention Program?

If your child has exited from Early Intervention services, you may still provide us with information on your experience in the program. If your child is now receiving services through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE), please ONLY consider your experience in the Early Intervention Program when completing the survey.