Why am I being asked to fill out this survey?

The New York State Department of Health is seeking your help to improve Early Intervention services for children and families!

Your Participation in the Family Survey

  • You are invited to take part in a family survey being conducted by the Department of Health, as the lead agency for New York State's Early Intervention Program (EIP).
  • You are receiving this survey because your child is leaving the EIP.
  • Your participation in the Family Survey is vital to learn more about the impact of the Early Intervention Program on children and families, so that we can help improve early intervention services for all!

What is the Purpose of this Survey?

  • The Family Survey is part of an ongoing federally-required initiative to improve outcomes for children and families who receive early intervention services.
  • This national quality improvement effort is to learn about family views on the ways early intervention services help children and families in the EIP.
  • The information we learn from families who complete the survey will help us improve the quality of early intervention service provision for all children and families enrolled in the EIP.


  • Participation in the Family Survey is voluntary.
  • Should you choose to participate, your responses will be confidential.
  • No individual responses will be reported.
  • The information gathered through the Family Survey will only be summed up across all families who participate in the survey.

Thank you!

Families have very important information to share about how early intervention services help their child and family. Your participation in the Family Survey and the information you provide is crucial to improving outcomes for children and families in the EIP.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the Family Survey!