Asthma on the Athletic Field

Winning With Asthma: The Coaches Asthma Clipboard Program

On a team of 15, you can expect at least one player will have asthma. Every year thousands of athletes with asthma successfully participate in a variety of athletic events. This program was created so coaches could learn about asthma, how it affects an athlete's ability to compete, and how a coach can help athletes manage their symptoms while playing their very best! The coach's program was designed primarily for coaches working with young athletes, but is appropriate for all age groups.

What's in the program?

This 30-minute online educational program focuses on what coaches, referees, and physical education teachers should know about asthma, including:

Asthma basics

  • What medications are used and when
  • Ways to prevent exercise-induced asthma
  • Steps to take when athletes are experiencing asthma attacks, including suggestions for cold-weather sports

Those who complete the program receive a booklet with additional asthma information and a coach's clipboard with "What to do during an asthma attack" printed on the back, and a laminated card to put inside the first aid kit.