Tick- and Mosquito-borne Diseases Publications Reference Guide

To request a specific publication on the Publication Request Form (PDF), please use the chart below to obtain the publication title, publication number and language, then please add to the Publication Request Form along with the desired quantity being requested.

Publication Title Publication Number Language Type
Ticks & Lyme
How to Safely Remove a Tick (2" x 5") 2811 English Card
All About Ticks: A Workbook for Kids & Their Parents 2810 English Book
Tick Rashes Poster (Laminated) 2701 English Poster
New York State Tick ID Card (2" x 3 1/2") 2812 English Palm Card
Ticks & Lyme Disease Brochure 2813 English Brochure
Warning- Ticks in the Area May Cause Lyme PP12 English Metal Sign
Tick-borne Disease Diagnostic Reference 6771 English Poster
Mosquitoes & Disease 2731 English Brochure
Mosquitoes & Disease (Spanish) 2732 Spanish Brochure
What Do I Do If There is Spraying in My Community? 2750 English Fact Sheet
West Nile Virus
WNV: Do Mosquitoes Love Your Home & Yard? 2747 English Fact Sheet
WNV: Information for Outdoor Workers 2742 English Fact Sheet
WNV: Senior Citizens 2751 English Fact Sheet
WNV: Suggested Community Activities 2748 English Fact Sheet
Zika: Pregnancy Travel Advisory 13010 English Poster
Zika: Pregnancy Travel Advisory (11" x 17") 13036 English Poster
Zika: Pregnancy Travel Advisory (11" x 17", Spanish) 13037 Spanish Poster
Protect Yourself Against Mosquito & Tick Bites 2714 English Flyer
Protect Yourself Against Mosquito & Tick Bites (Spanish) 2816 Spanish Flyer
Dress to Repel (11" x 17") 2761 English Poster
Dress to Repel (11" x 17", Spanish) 2817 Spanish Poster
Tick & Insect Repellent: Deciding on their Use 2765 Spanish Brochure