Bat Capture Kit for Childrens' Camps

  • Gloves (heavy, preferably pliable thick leather)
  • Forceps (9" to 12" length, rat-tooth for gripping)
  • Extension pole w/net (fine mesh insect net of polyester or muslin material with a spring steel hoop on telescoping pole -- net and pole sold separately)
  • Coffee can w/tight-fitting lid or similar container (e.g., cardboard ice cream carton w/lid; keep multiple containers on hand)
  • Sheet of cardboard to slide between wall and container to act as a lid
  • Tape (to secure lid on container)
  • Flashlights (including fresh batteries & extra batteries)
  • General Guidelines for Management of Bat-Related Incidents at Children's Camps (for display, guidelines should be double-sided, laminated and hung on lanyard/string)

To obtain some of the items listed above the following types of vendors are suggested:

  • Hardware store/home & garden center - gloves, extension pole, flashlight, batteries, tape
  • Medical supply company - forceps
  • Forestry supply company - fine mesh insect net