Tenant Notification

Recent amendments to the New York State Environmental Conservation Law (Article 27--Title 24, Section 27-2405) establish requirements under which tenants or prospective tenants are to be provided with generic fact sheets developed by the New York State Department of Health on indoor air contaminants.

This webpage contains links to information on ways to reduce exposure to volatile organic chemicals in air, levels of volatile organic chemicals in indoor and outdoor air, and soil vapor intrusion. Currently available fact sheets developed by the Health Department on specific air contaminants are also found below.

Information on Ways to Reduce Exposure to Volatile Organic Chemicals:

Information on Indoor/Outdoor Air Levels and Soil Vapor Intrusion:

Tenant Notification Fact Sheets for Specific Air Contaminants:

Additional Information on Tenant Notification Fact Sheet Chemicals

Additional Information on Tetrachloroethene

Additional Information on Trichloroethene