Endicott Area Investigations - Public Health Response Plan

Appendix F: Overview of Other Completed Activities

F.1 Occupational Exposure Investigation at the Endicott Interconnect Facility

Performed By:
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Project Overview:
In response to an employee request, the NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Program investigated current occupational exposures at Endicott Interconnect Technologies. The purpose of the investigation was to identify work areas and current manufacturing operations where employees could be exposed to hazardous substances; and, if indicated, conduct exposure monitoring to assess the extent of current occupational exposures. This investigation did not assess historical workplace exposures, specific health outcomes, or solvent exposures due to environmental contamination.
An industrial hygienist from the Health Hazard Evaluation Program conducted a site visit on April 27-29, 2004, which determined that sufficient engineering and administrative controls were used for controlling occupational exposures in areas evaluated during the walk-through. Endicott Interconnect Technologies provided air sampling data, which indicates that employee exposures to airborne contaminants are well below all occupational exposure limits used by NIOSH. Although the investigation concluded that further evaluation by NIOSH was not needed, recommendations were made for increasing the extent of employee involvement in the occupational safety and health program. The final report was issued on May 20, 2004.