Fatal Injury Facts for Glaziers/Ornamental Ironworkers

Staging Glass Crates Facts

During construction of commercial and some residential buildings, glaziers or ornamental ironworkers may install glass panels (curtain walls) on metal structural framework. For easy retrieval, the crates of glass are often tilted standing on their sides and supported by either beams or another crate forming an "A" figure or "A frame".

Photo 1 (courtesy of OSHA). The first A-frame that was set up by the workers. The smaller crate supported by the two wooden bars is on the right

A 60-year-old male ornamental ironworker was killed when a crate of glass panes fell on him at a residential construction site. The victim and two co-workers were tilting two crates of glass towards each other to form an "A frame" when one crate overcame the weight of the other and both crates fell towards the victim. The victim was crushed and killed by one of the crates that weighed 1,943 pounds. (Case 06NY001)

How Can Accidents Like This Be Prevented?

  • Use a crane to stage crates of glass. Keep crates attached to the crane until they are stabilized and chocked.
  • Always chock and brace crates to prevent them from kicking back and collapsing.
  • Conduct a job hazard analysis before starting a job to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate control measures.
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for safe handling and staging of glass crates and ensure SOPs are adhered to.

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