Counselors-In-Training (CIT) for NYS Children's Camp Program

Fact Sheet - February 2000

Section 7-2.5 of Subpart 7-2 of the State Sanitary Code describes the minimum number of camp counselors required, and counselor qualifications. The requirements for general supervision are summarized as follows:

Camp/Counselor Type Minimum Ratio
(Staff to Camper)
Minimum Qualifications
Overnight Camp Counselors 1:10 for campers 8 years and older; and
1:8 for campers younger than 8 years
18-years-old, and possess camping and supervision experience or acceptable training
(A maximum of 20% of the total required counselors may be 17-years-old)
Day Camp Counselors 1:12 for all campers 16-years-old, and possess camping and supervision experience or acceptable training

A CIT or Junior Counselor is a camper who is assigned to an on-duty counselor (who meets the requirements outlined above) or other staff member to perform specific duties.

  • The CIT's duties must be described in the camps written plan;
  • A CIT may not independently supervise campers;
  • A CIT shall be provided supervision as a camper;
  • A CIT must receive training specific to his/her assigned duties and camper orientation; and
  • Ten percent (10%) of the total number of counselors required may be CITs.

The following summarizes age and experience requirements for CITS:

  • Overnight Camp CIT - at least 16-years-of-age and two seasons prior experience as a camper.
  • Day Camp CIT - at least 15-years-of-age and two seasons prior experience as a camper.

The following is an example of the maximum number of CITs allowed for the overnight camp depicted:

Camp Overnight Adventure
Camper Population Per Session Counselors Required
100 Children 10-14 years-old 10 Counselors (1:10)
30 Children 8 and 9 years-old 3 Counselors (1:10)
60 Children 6 and 7 years-old 8 Counselors (1:8)
Total Children: 190 Total Counselors Required: 21

Of the 21 Counselors required in this example:

Subpart 7-2 Requirement Number Counselors Allowed
20% May be 17-years-old 4
10% May be 16-years-old 2*
Remainder must be at least 18-years-old 15

*Total number of CITs allowed for example.

These are minimum supervision requirements for general supervision.

A camp is required to have at least 10 counselors to use a CIT in the required number of counselors (counselor to camper ratio).