New York State Radon Poster Contest

2023 first, second, and third prize posters

Congratulations 2023-2024 Winners

Thank you students, families, and teachers who participated in the poster contest. We received 105 posters this year. The winning posters are shown above from left to right:

About the Contest

At the beginning of each school year, the New York State Department of Health sponsors a radon poster contest for students to learn about the harmful effects radon and why people should test their homes for radon.

Winning poster will earn a $100 gift card. Second and third place posters will get a $50 gift card. The deadline for entries is November 1 each year.

Poster Contest Rules

Children ages 9-14 are eligible. They may be enrolled in a public, private, territorial, tribal, Department of Defense, or home school; or qualify through a sponsoring club, such as art, computer, reading or science clubs, scouting organizations, or 4-H clubs. Only one entry per child may be submitted.

Poster Topics

  • What is radon?
  • Where does radon come from?
  • How does radon get into our homes?
  • Radon can cause lung cancer.
  • Test your home for radon.
  • Mitigating radon in your home.

Artwork Requirements

  • Be original
  • No student names on the front of the poster
  • An Artwork Submission Form must be included with the poster
  • White paper – 8 ½” x 11” or 11” x 17” size is preferred, but all submission sizes will be accepted (preferred size best for easier reproducibility)
  • Can be created with crayon, markers, paint (watercolor, tempera, and acrylic), collage, pencil, photographs or computer graphics
  • Lettering and message should be large enough to reproduce well, with all pencil markings erased
  • Copyrighted characters, product logos, and trademarked or brand names cannot be used

How Posters are Judged

  • Content accuracy on radon
  • Visual communication of topic
  • Reproducibility (larger letters, good contrast)
  • Originality
  • No grammatical and/or typographical errors

All artwork must be submitted with an Artwork Submittal Form.

Where to Mail Your Poster

New York State Department of Health Radon Program
ATTN: Poster Contest
Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection
Empire State Plaza
Corning Tower, Room 1218
Albany, NY 12237