Certified Backflow Testers - Chemung County

In New York State, individuals who test backflow prevention devices for the purpose of protecting the public water supply are required to hold a valid certification issued pursuant to 10 NYCRR Section 5-1.31. Below is a current list of New York State certified backflow prevention device testers. For more information on contacting any of these individuals, please contact your County Health Department or State District Office, or email the Bureau of Water Supply Protection.

City Name Certification Number Expiration
Big Flats Timothy C. Gilbert 12305 1/31/2024
Elmira Donald A. Miller 8552 2/28/2022
Elmira James S. Wilson 11507 7/31/2022
Elmira Jeremia J. Ranck 12949 4/30/2022
Elmira Matthew D. Wickwire 11304 1/31/2022
Elmira Robert A. McCarrick 5334 6/30/2021
Erin Aaron E. Vergason 13695 12/31/2023
Horsehead Joseph T. Andrzejewski 12391 4/30/2021
Horseheads Nathan S. Lowmaster 13689 12/31/2023
Horseheads Richard J. Narosky 11201 11/30/2021
Horseheads Timothy J. Nolan 9774 9/30/2021
Ithaca Michael B. Ahrens 7468 5/31/2022
Liverpool Armon Frankel 13621 11/30/2023
Pine Ciity Ryan Youmans 10950 4/30/2021
Pine City Shawn R. Crater 11019 7/31/2021
Pine Valley Thomas M. Sweet 9837 11/30/2021
Wellsburg Jason M. Roosa 11678 11/30/2022
Wellsburg Joseph M. LaVelle 5811 4/30/2023