Certified Backflow Testers - Orleans County

In New York State, individuals who test backflow prevention devices for the purpose of protecting the public water supply are required to hold a valid certification issued pursuant to 10 NYCRR Section 5-1.31. Below is a current list of New York State certified backflow prevention device testers. For more information on contacting any of these individuals, please contact your County Health Department or State District Office, or email the Bureau of Water Supply Protection.

City Name Certification Number Expiration
Albion Delbert Bowman 9085 5/31/2020
Albion John Wasnock 11755 12/31/2019
Albion Matthew J. Sanders 12695 10/31/2021
Albion Michael B. Clemons 7264 11/30/2020
Albion Scott Bradshaw 11464 6/30/2022
Brockport Dale Pearce 10070 6/30/2019
Holley Cody J. Bubb 11869 4/30/2020
Holley Jeff A. Lutes 10416 4/30/2020
Kendall Robert Bouchard 11735 12/31/2019
Kent Christopher A. bouchey 12559 6/30/2021
Lyndonville Roger D. Thering 10573 7/31/2020
Lyndonville Thomas J. Fraser 9385 11/30/2020
Rochester James DeYager II 9038 3/31/2020
Rochester Jason A. Dingman 6473 5/31/2022
Rochester Justin C. Waliszewski 7979 10/31/2020
Waterport Kyle A. Piccirilli 12948 4/30/2022