Occupational Health Clinic Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee was created by Section 2490 of the Public Health Law. The Public Health Law indicates that the Oversight Committee is to be comprised of 15 appointees. Thirteen positions are currently filled. These include representatives from the Department of Health, the Department of Labor, the Workers Compensation Board, nominees from the American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organization and from the New York State Business Council.

The Committee was specifically charged with making recommendations to the Governor and the legislature regarding:

  • statewide needs to be met by the network;
  • coordination of clinic activities with not-for-profit, private sector concerns and state agencies, including but not limited to an evaluation of current jurisdictional and oversight responsibilities;
  • coordination and sharing of clinic resources and services;
  • dissemination of research results and educational information;
  • identification of funding sources for the network;
  • the activities of the clinics and their effectiveness in meeting the objectives as set forth in statute and in clinic-specific contracts with the state;
  • local, regional, occupation or business-sector specific needs that may be met by one or more clinic;
  • other issues as determined by the Oversight Committee; and
  • incorporation of provisions to implement its recommendations.

In December 2012, the Committee issued a Final Report to the Governor and Legislature.