DAL: 16-09 - Justice Center Revised Code of Conduct

April 22, 2016
DAL: 16-09

Dear Administrator:

A newly-executed Code of Conduct has been provided by the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs (Justice Center). The Code of Conduct applies to all "custodians" as defined in 18 NYCRR § 487.2(c)(6) and § 488.2(d)(6), who have or will have regular and direct contact with service recipients who reside in facilities under the conjoined jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Health (Department) and the Justice Center. Such custodians must be provided with a copy of the Code of Conduct at the time of their initial employment, and at least annually thereafter, and are required to acknowledge that they have read and understand the Code of Conduct.

Custodians of Adult Care Facilities identified under conjoined jurisdiction must execute the revised Code of Conduct on the next occasion when the custodian must sign and acknowledge his or her understanding of the Code of Conduct. As with the original, the revised Code of Conduct must be maintained in a place where it is accessible to Department and Justice Center investigators.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at (518) 408-1133, or contact your Regional Office Program Manager.


Valerie A. Deetz, Director
Division of ACF/Assisted Living Surveillance