Adult Home Resident Resources

National Cristina Foundation —

The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) donates computers to organizations nationwide to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity to lead more independent and productive lives. Equipment donations through NCF can be directed only to qualified organizations that have been declared exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3) (not for profit organizations) or are a public agency.

The NCF Grant Application can be completed online at or you may contact NCF at (203) 863-9100 with any questions.

Additionally, the following are links to free computer and internet literacy tutorials which will be helpful to anyone that receives a donated computer, but has little or no computer knowledge:

MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard Program —

If a resident of an Adult Home in the NYC/Long Island area is 65 years of age or older or has a disability (physical or mental) they are eligible for Reduced-Fare MetroCard discounts.

New York City Transit MetroCard Mobile Sales Outreach staff is available to customers throughout New York City and Long Island, by appointment, to provide information regarding the program and also to work with individuals in completing their applications. You may visit their website for further information at or by calling (718) 521-3037 to schedule an appointment.

LifeLine Phone Services —

LifeLine discounted phone service is available nationwide to anyone who is enrolled in, or is income eligible, for the following programs: Family Assistance, Food Stamps, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Medicaid, Safety Net Assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran’s Disability Pension or Veteran’s Surviving Spouse Pension.

Residents would pay $1.00 per month for basic phone service and $0.10 per local outgoing call. Additionally, the installation fee would be reduced from $55.00 to only $5.00 for all eligible applicants. These costs vary slightly depending on your telephone provider. To obtain further information, you may visit the FCC’s website at or contact your local telephone provider of choice.

Benefits Counseling —

Two of the prime concerns that prevent SSI beneficiaries from working are the possibility that they may be negatively impacted financially despite employment and how rental payments will be impacted if residents currently on SSI go back to work. However, many new work incentives exist that allow SSI recipients to work without losing essential benefits. Listed below are "Benefits Planning and Outreach" agencies in New York State that offer counseling to adult care facility residents who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and who are interested in vocational and employment programs.

Abilities, Inc.- (516) 465-1522
Serves all of Long Island

Brooklyn Works- (718) 368-7923
Serves all of Kings County

Queens Independent Living Center- (718) 658-2526
Serves Queens and the Bronx

Barrier Free Living- (212) 677-6668
Serves Manhattan and Staten Island

Independent Living Center- (845) 565-1162
Newburgh - Serves all of the Hudson Valley

Resource Center for Independent Living- (315) 797-4642
Utica - Serves the entire Central region

Neighborhood Legal Services- (716) 847-0650
Buffalo - Serves the entire Western region

Educational Opportunities —

George Malatesta of the Park Inn Adult Home in Far Rockaway celebrates his graduation with fellow residents.Above: George Malatesta of the Park Inn Adult Home in Far Rockaway celebrates his graduation with fellow residents.

George Malatesta is an 82-year-old WW II veteran who had never received his high school diploma. Under the federal Operation Recognition Program, all WW II veterans and Korean War veterans automatically receive their high school diplomas if they can prove that they served in either war.

The Department of Health, the Department of Education, the Park Inn Adult Home and the local high school worked collaboratively to get George Malatesta his high school diploma and on July 1st George attended his graduation where he received a standing ovation.

On July 8, 2004, the Park Inn Adult Home and the Department of Health held a party for George. Attended by staff, friends, and over 75 fellow residents, George expressed that this inspirational day was one of his happiest days in his 82 years.