Empire State Association of Assisted Living (ESAAL) 32nd Annual Conference

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Mark Kissinger, Deputy Commissioner
Office of Long Term Care, NYS Department of Health

May 17, 2011

  • SOI #2 - On hold pending direction from the Governor´s office and MRT Sub Committee work.
  • Uniform Assessment Tool Initiative - now known as the Uniform Assessment System - New York (UAS-NY)
  • Many screening and assessment tools in use today; lack standardization and create significant redundancy.
  • Conducted extensive research and identified excellent replacement candidate: interRAI Community Health Assessment.
  • Procured services of GCOM Software to implement the interRAI suite electronically.
  • Procured services of NYSTEC to assure quality and completeness of the system.
  • UAS-NY Will Be Used by Eight Long Term Care Programs:
    • Assisted Living Program
    • Personal Care Services Program; Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
    • Adult Day Health Care
    • Long Term Home Health Care Program
    • Nursing home Transition and Diversion
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver
    • HCBS Waiver Care at Home Waiver
    • Managed Long Term Care
  • Vendors are Onsite and Working
    • System Development: May 2011 to March 2012
    • Beta Testing: March 2012 to May 2012
    • Pilot Implementation: June 2012 to September 2012
    • State-wide Implementation: September on
  • Preparing for Statewide Implementation
    • Will be sending out a Computer Readiness Survey; will be used to identify Beta and Pilot participants.
    • Beta, Pilot and Implementation includes training on the UAS-NY and the interRAI assessment tool.
  • Assisted Living Programs will be included
  • Recent retirements have resulted in several changes in assignments including a change in the personnel responsible for the review of the financial component. We do not anticipate this will cause any delays in processing.
  • Please continue to work with your assigned Project Manager (and know your project number!)
  • Architectural Issues: OLTC is reviewing internally the concept and process of self-certification.
  • As a result of the ALR task force meeting it was decided to establish a work group to review the requirements for the medical evaluation and assessments for the ALR.
  • This meeting is scheduled for the end of this month.
  • Currently we have 5,263 ALP beds up and running
  • We are reviewing 57 applications for 3,392 additional ALP beds
  • These combined cover 43 of the state´s counties
  • 49 ALRs Approved to date
  • 227 ALR applications currently under review representing:
    • 21,855 ALR beds
      7,669 EALR beds
      3,931 SNALR beds
  • 132 ALR applications have been withdrawn (these are not included in the 227 total)
  • 49% of all applications are awaiting a response from the applicant
  • 11% are on hold per a request by the applicant
  • Census Report Information:
    • 469 of 478 have filed
    • We currently have 149 Impacted Facilities
    • We currently have 298 SSI Facilities Total census of 31,695 with a capacity of 38,868 (82%)

Next Steps:
Streamlining licensure process.

The following 7 slides outline the current licensure process.

    • New construction
    • Renovation
    • Conversion of existing beds
    • Personal history forms
    • Letters of Reference
    • NYS Health Care Affiliations
    • Out-of-State Health Care Affiliations
    • Professional Licenses - OPMC/SED/Out-of-State
    • Financial feasibility
    • Financing arrangements (i.e., mortgage, commitments)
    • Project cost
    • Three-year operating budget
    • Room Rates
    • Financial Statements
  4. LEGAL REVIEW (Division of Legal Affairs)
    • Corporation or Not-for-Profit
      • Certification of Incorporation and/or Amendments
      • -By-Laws
      • Site Control -Lease/Deed/Purchase Agreement
      • Certificate of Assumed Name/DBA
      • Management Contracts
      • Zoning
    • LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)
      • Articles of Organization and/or Amendments
      • Operating Agreements
      • Site Control: Lease/Deed/Purchase Agreement
      • Certificate of Assumed Name/DBA
      • Management Contracts
      • Zoning
  5. PUBLIC NEED (adult homes only)
    • Letters of Support - OFA/DSS
    • Waiting List

    • HMSA (Health Management Systems Agencies) Statement
    • Part 2
    • ALP Programs Only
  • #5 - CHHA Utilization Controls
  • #90 - Move to MLTC
  • #200 - Regulation relief / reform
Central Office
875 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
  • Mark Kissinger, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Long Term Care 518-402-5673,
  • Mary Hart, Director, Division of Assisted Living 518-408-1133, meh45@health.state.ny.us
  • Guy Warner, Deputy Director, Division of Assisted Living 518-408-1624,
Regional Office
  • Patricia Hasan, Capital District Regional Office, 518-408-5287
  • Norine Nickason, Western Regional Office, 585-238-8185
  • Kathleen Crissey, Central Field Office, 315-477-8472
  • William Conron, Metropolitan Area Regional Office, 631-851-3086
  • Effective April 15, 2011 all of the Office of Long Term Care is now located at:
    875 Central Ave
    Albany, NY 12206

And the FAX number for Division of Assisted Living is:

All phone numbers remain the same.