Empire State Association of Assisted Living (ESAAL) 33rd Annual Conference

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Mark Kissinger, Director
Division of Long Term Care
Office of Health Insurance Programs
NYS Department of Health
May 1, 2012

  • OHIP
  • OHSM
  • ALP 6000 Opportunities for Development (OFD)
    – authorization for up to an additional 4,718 beds by March 31, 2014.
  • There is no longer a requirement that these beds be associated with the decertification of Residential Health Care Facility beds.
  • ACF Compliance Letters dated March 15, 2012 were mailed to selected ACF CON Applicants (facilities that are unlicensed but operating)
  • Architectural Certification (i.e. TPAC): being re- evaluated by the Department to streamline and clarify. The next Architectural Committee will be before 6/30/12
  • Applicants and/or Applicant Representatives should work directly with their assigned Project Manager
  • Retirements have resulted in re-assignment of ACF CON Applications review among current Project Managers
  • Currently there are 105 Facilities with 6,357 licensed ALP beds
  • We are reviewing 38 applications for 2,341 additional ALP beds
  • These combined cover 47 of the state´s counties
  • 57 ALRs approved to date:
    • 9 are EALR
    • 11 are SNALR
    • 21 are EALR and SNALR
  • 203 ALR applications currently under review representing:
    • 20,264 ALR beds
    • 8,202 EALR beds
    • 3,745 SNALR beds
  • Affordable Housing Workgroup incorporated ALP Reform into approved recommendations.
  • 2012-2013 State Budget enacted many of these changes.
  • Department is working administratively to achieve the remaining recommendations.
  • The following proposals were also achieved in the 2012-2013 State Budget:
    • Allow ALP RN to conduct initial and ongoing assessments.
    • Reimburse the ALP outside of the capitated rate for these assessments.
    • Eliminate pre-admission assessment by local social services district.
    • Eliminate linkage to decertifcation of nursing home beds for new ALP beds.
    • Enable ALP to contract with more than one Certified Home Health Agency, Long Term Home Health Care Program or other qualified provider.
  • DOH is working to achieve the following reform proposals administratively:
  • Allow ALP home health aides to perform for ALP residents any tasks they could perform in any other setting.
  • Allow ALP to contract for Medicare- covered therapies with non-CHHA or LTHHCP providers.
  • Improve ALP survey process to integrate ACF/ALP and LHCSA survey components.
  • Develop a forum to revisit ALP Reform next year.
  • In addition, the Public Health and Planning Council last fall approved emergency regulations lifting the CHHA moratorium and allowing an ALP to become a CHHA.
  • UAS-NY is a web-based software application that will be used by eight Long Term Care programs.
  • UAS-NY is based on interRAI Community Health Assessment, which is validated and fosters inter- rater reliability.
  • UAS-NY software is currently being developed and tested.

Engaging 40 representative organizations to help:

  • provide insight into system technical stability.
  • inform statewide roll-out strategy.
  • provide insight into organizational ability to integrate UAS-NY into business practices.
  • provide insight on UAS-NY impact on assessed individuals.
  • Staff from participating organizations will complete the fully online courses to learn about and use the UAS-NY.
  • Staff will test the UAS-NY by completing assessments and using available reports.
  • Staff will provide feedback on the integration and alignment of local business practices with the UAS-NY.
  • Expected implementation: January, 2013 due to integration with Medicaid Data Warehouse.

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