New York State Caregiver Guide

Caregivers in New York State are the backbone of our long term care system. These informal or family caregivers provide countless hours of support to loved ones. While caregiving is often a very rewarding experience, many caregivers struggle with the effect caregiving can have on their own physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. What's more is the start of the caregiving journey is often unexpected, the result of a medical emergency or onset of illness.

Caregivers in New York State need support, education, and information to remain in their caregiving roles. That is why the New York State Department of Health developed the New York State (NYS) Caregiver Guide. The NYS Caregiver Guide is meant to ease the stress of caregiving by providing an orientation to caregiving and assist caregivers in planning for the needs of the person they support, while also addressing their own needs as a caregiver. It is a resource that caregivers can use in their own home, bring with them to medical appointments, view online, and reference throughout their caregiver experience.

The Department of Health is pleased to offer this resource to all caregivers through an online, digital version as well as a hard copy that can be ordered directly from the Department.

Ordering Information

Hard copies are available at no cost and include the NYS Caregiver Guide and a branded tote bag for easy carrying. Please complete the NYS Caregiver Guide Order Form and return it to the Aging and Long Term Care Team at