Basic Orientation Training

All qualified waiver service provider staff must complete the Basic Orientation Training prior to having any unsupervised contact with a waiver participant and within thirty (30) days of beginning service provision to a NHTD participant.

The training consists of one-on-one and/or group training to instruct new employees of waiver service providers about: the general needs of individuals with disabilities and/or seniors; the philosophy and policies of the NHTD waiver; waiver services; and waiver participants’ rights and responsibilities. The Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC) will utilize a checklist (RRDC Training Curricula Checklist) when reviewing and approving all provider training curriculum. The RRDC may provide training when there is not a sufficient number of providers approved to conduct their own training in the region. If a provider does not have an approved curriculum, they may ask another provider who is approved to include their staff in their training sessions. This accommodation is strictly voluntary.

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has provided the below sample training units to serve as a template for waiver service providers to create their own agency-specific Basic Orientation Training. Use of the posted trainings is not required, and does not guarantee approval of the waiver service provider's Basic Orientation Training requirement.

  • UNIT 1 Waiver Program (PDF)
  • UNIT 2 Participant Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)
  • UNIT 3 Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)
  • UNIT 4 Waiver Services (PDF)
  • UNIT 5 Person-Centered Plans (PDF)
  • UNIT 6 Privacy, Grievances, and Due Process (PDF)
  • UNIT 7 Challenging Situations and Incident Reporting (PDF)