Group B

Required Training for Group B

Waiver services providers in this group (Nutritional Counseling/Educational Services, Respiratory Therapy, Home Visits By Medical Personnel, and Wellness Counseling) are responsible for:

  • Developing a written training curriculum if one has not been developed by DOH to meet the requirements identified in this section;
  • Ensuring individuals providing the training meet the qualifications specified in this section; and
  • Documenting all training in staff's files, including all related NHTD training, seminars and conferences attended, whether offered by the provider or other entities.

1. Basic Orientation Training


Qualified waiver service provider staff for this group must complete an approved DOH condensed Basic Orientation Training curriculum prior to any unsupervised contact with a waiver participant and within thirty (30) days of beginning service provision to a NHTD participant.

The training can consist of one-on-one and/or group training to instruct new waiver service provider staff.

The Regional Resource Development Specialist (RRDS) will provide Training-Of-Trainer (TOT) programs to the trainers of the waiver service provider agencies so they, in turn can conduct the overview training to their agency staff. The individuals that have attended the TOT program will then be able to train agency staff in this curriculum. Upon completion of the TOT program, the RRDS will give the employee a Certificate of Attendance which will be kept in his/her employee file verifying that he/she has attended the training. This curriculum can be obtained by contacting the Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC) following the successful completion of the training.

2. Service Specific Training


Service Specific Training prepares the waiver service provider staff for the roles and responsibilities specific to the waiver service he/she is qualified to provide. This training must be completed prior to any unsupervised contact with a waiver participant and within thirty (30) days of beginning service provision to a NHTD participant.

Service Specific training consists of one-on-one and/or group training to instruct individual staff of their roles as providers of a specific service and as well as their responsibilities to interact with the Service Coordinator and other waiver service providers.

All waiver service providers for this group must include the following information in the curriculum for Service Specific Training:

  1. Definition and goals of the service and a detailed job description;
  2. Roles and responsibilities of the provider of the specific service; and
  3. Requirements for prior approval, including in some cases, physician orders before the provision of Nutritional Counseling/Educational Services, Respiratory Therapy and Wellness Counseling.

3. Annual Training


Annual Training is provided to keep waiver service provider staff up to date regarding their roles and responsibilities specific to the waiver service he/she is qualified to provide. Waiver service provider staff must complete an Annual Training program. Annual Training consists of one-on-one and/or group training.

Annual Training requirements for this group include at a minimum:

  • A review of all new policies and/or procedures required by the NHTD Waiver which impacts the services provided;
  • Review of NHTD Participant Rights and Responsibilities;
  • Review of NHTD Waiver and the specific waiver provider's service in relationship to the other members of the NHTD Waiver; and
  • Additional topics relating to findings of satisfaction surveys and incident report trend analyses.

Qualifications of Trainers for Group B

Training must be provided by individuals who are:

  • Knowledgeable about the needs of individuals with disabilities and/or seniors or knowledgeable regarding one of the specific areas of required training;
  • Familiar with the philosophy, policies and procedures of the NHTD Waiver;
  • Knowledgeable regarding the waiver service which is the subject of the service specific training; and
  • Trained through the completion of the required DOH "Training-of-Trainer (TOT)" program for the condensed curriculum of the

Documentation of Training for Group B Providers

For all waiver service providers of Group B, this includes:

  • Documentation in each waiver service provider staff's file of all NHTD related trainings provided by the waiver service provider or other entities.

This documentation must include:

  • Name of the trainer and affiliation/qualifications;
  • Verification of staff's attendance at trainings;
  • Date and place of training;
  • Goals and objectives of training;
  • Evaluation instruments that measured the success of the training; and
  • Certificate of Attendance.

Agencies are responsible for ensuring that individuals providing waiver services complete Basic Orientation Training and Service Specific Training. Individuals with documented successful completion of prior training in the content area(s) specified in Basic Orientation Training and/or Service Specific Training may be exempt from such training at the discretion of the provider. If the DOH Certificate of Attendance is more than two (2) years old, the employee must complete and pass the post questionnaire of the Basic Orientation Training, and if applicable, Service Specific Training. The reason for the exemption as well as the post questionnaire results must be documented by the employer in the employee file so it may be reviewed upon request and during the survey process.