Section VIII: Required Training for Waiver Service Providers


This section of the Program Manual will describe the training requirements for waiver service provider staff and how best to meet those training requirements.

The NHTD waiver has divided the waiver service providers into three (3) groups regarding requirements for staff training, assuring minimum training requirements for providers are met, and at the same time, assuring all waiver service providers are properly trained and able to provide appropriate services. The creation of three (3) groups was based on the complexity of service and the amount of interaction between waiver service providers. The provision of high quality services on a consistent basis will result in providing the waiver participant with the greatest opportunity to achieve his/her individual goals for living in the community.

Required training for all waiver service providers includes three components:

  1. Basic Orientation Training
  2. Service Specific Training
  3. Annual Training

DOH Waiver Management staff and/or its contractors may request to review any training materials used by a waiver provider and make recommendations for changes or improvements. DOH Waiver Management staff and/or its contractors may request to attend waiver service provider trainings as necessary.

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