Guidelines for Committee Observers and Participants

The Public Health and Health Planning Council welcomes interested observers and participants at its Standing Committees’ meeting, which are public meetings. However, in order to make these meetings as productive as possible for all concerned, the Council has established certain ground rules so as not to disrupt the business of the meetings.

  1. All Press inquiries concerning Council or Department activities should be directed to the Director of Public Affairs at (518) 474-2043 ext. 2, and in the Director's absence, to the Executive Secretary.
  2. The Chairman may excuse observers from portions of a meeting as appropriate (e.g. consideration of Section 2801-b allegations, pursuant to Public Officers Law Section §105).
  3. Any interruption of the meeting for the taking of photographs by the news media will require approval of the Chairman before the start of the meeting.
  4. Observers and participants will be accommodated within the physical limitations of the meeting room. Observers and participants will be identified and introduced to the Chairman of the Committee who may read their identification into the record of the meeting.
  5. Discussion during the meeting is limited to the public who have signed up on the Speaker’s list, except or otherwise permitted by the Chair of the Committee. Observers and participants who require interpretive services, please notify the Executive Secretary at in advance or speak directly to Council staff at the time of the meeting.
  6. Staff to the Council members may be contacted by observers, generally before or after the meeting, for clarification of agenda items or discussion, interviews, general information on the Council, etc.
  7. No written correspondence shall be distributed to the Council members the day of the meeting. All correspondence addressed to Council members shall be sent to the Council’s Executive Secretary no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting in which the matter of the correspondence appears on the meeting agenda. Applicants shall have no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting to respond to correspondence pertaining to their application in which the matter of the correspondence appears on the meeting agenda.

Executive Secretary, Public Health and Health Planning Council
Empire State Plaza, Corning Tower, Room 1805
Albany, New York 12237
Or via e-mail at and

Copies of Member listings and the schedule of Council meetings for the year are available on request.

Adopted 6/11
Revised and adopted 2/13/14
Revised and adopted 10/6/16