Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

Request for Applications #1506151029

Grants Gateway ID: DOH01-PREP-2015

Issued by New York State Department of Health, Center for Community Health, Division of Family Health, Bureau of Women, Infant and Adolescent Health

Schedule of Events

Letter of Interest/Intent Due April 5, 2016
Questions Due April 12, 2016
Applicant Conference Registration Deadline April 11, 2016
Applicant Conference April 12, 2016
Questions, Answers and Updates Posted (on or about) April 26, 2016
Applications Due May 11, 2016 by 6:00PM

Contact Information

  • Eric Zasada
    New York State Department of Health
    Bureau of Women, Infant & Adolescent Health
    Empire State Plaza
    Corning Tower, Room 859
    Albany, N.Y. 12237

To learn more about this opportunity, please go to the NYS Grants Gateway at the following web address:

To apply, log into the Grants Gateway and click on the View Opportunities button under View Available Opportunities. To get started, in the Search Criteria, enter the Grant Opportunity name listed above and select the Department of Health as the Funding Agency and hit the Search button. Click on the name of the Grant Opportunity from the search results grid and then click on the APPLY FOR GRANT OPPORTUNITY button located bottom left of the Main page of the Grant Opportunity.

In order to access the online application and other required documents such as the attachments, you MUST be registered and logged into the NYS Grants Gateway system in the user role of either a "Grantee" or a "Grantee Contract Signatory".

The following table will provide a snapshot of which roles are allowed to Initiate, Complete, and Submit the Grant Application(s) in the Grants Gateway.

Role Create and Maintain User Roles Initiate Application Complete Application Submit Application Only View the Application
Delegated Admin X
Grantee X X
Grantee Contract Signatory X X X
Grantee Payment Signatory X X
Grantee System Administrator X X X
Grantee View Only X

For further information on how to apply, please access the Grantee Quick Start Guide under the Pre-Submission Upload Properties for this opportunity.

Reference materials and videos are available for Grantees applying to funding opportunities on the NYS Grants Gateway. Please visit the Grants Reform website at the following web address: and select the "Grantee Quick Start Guide" from the menu. There is also a more detailed "Grantee User Guide" available on this page as well.

Applicants should submit their applications, at a minimum, one (1) hour prior to the submission deadline. The system will perform an application error check and all identified issues must be resolved before the application is successfully submitted. Failure to leave adequate time to address issues identified during this process may jeopardize an applicant's ability to submit their application. The Grants Gateway will notify applicants of successful submission.