Hospital and Community (H/C) Patient Review Instrument (PRI) (DOH-694) Questionnaire

1. Please provide your contact information, including name of organization, name of contact person, phone number, and email address.

2. What is your organization type, e.g., hospital, nursing home, home care agency, etc.?

3. Does your organization utilize the H/C PRI?

4. Describe your experience with the H/C PRI.

5. How does your organization use the information gathered through the H/C PRI?

6. Does the information that is provided through the H/C PRI add value to the consumer experience and/or your organization? Please explain.

7. Has your organization conducted any measurement or evaluation of the H/C PRI? If so, please explain your methods and outcomes.

8. What are the implications of eliminating the use of the H/C PRI, specifically to your organization and generally to the ability of health care providers to identify appropriate care settings for individuals and to facilitate placement in appropriate settings?

9. If the H/C PRI is eliminated, is there a need for an alternative assessment process to carry out the functions of the H/C PRI? If you believe that the H/C PRI can be eliminated and not replaced, how would individual patients be assessed for appropriate care settings? Please explain.

    a. If an alternative is necessary, does a tool currently exist that would be an appropriate replacement? If so, please provide detailed information on this tool and why it would be a more effective tool than the H/C PRI.

  • b. If there is no tool in existence that would be an appropriate alternative, please describe the components that should be included in a new tool and its purpose.

10. Identify and describe any barriers or challenges to eliminating the use of the H/C PRI and replacing it with an alternative, if necessary.