Request for Information for Uniform Tasking Tool (UTT) Solutions

Request for Information

Consistent with the recommendations of the Medicaid Redesign Team II (MRT II) convened by Governor Cuomo in 2020, Section 21 of Part MM of Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2020 authorized the implementation of a uniform task-based assessment tool, or uniform tasking tool (UTT) solution, for use by Managed Care Organizations (MCO), including Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plans, and Local Departments of Social Services (LDSS) to help standardize service utilization as part of an approved plan of care. This includes the hours of personal care services (PCS) and consumer directed personal assistance services (CDPAS) and other available community-based long-term care services.

Through this Request for Information (RFI), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) seeks to solicit information from vendors and interested parties regarding commonly used and industry-accepted tasking tool solutions and/or algorithms that use or are capable of using outputs from the interRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA) to help inform the plan of care that will be developed by an MCO or LDSS to meet a member’s needs.

The NYSDOH is New York’s single state agency for Medicaid. In FY22, total Medicaid spending is expected to be $77 billion. New York’s Medicaid program provides coverage for home- and community-based services, including PCS and personal assistant services under a consumer-directed program, in order to serve individuals in the community. In FY22, Medicaid spending on these services is expected to be $13.6 billion. Approximately 200,000 Medicaid members receive either PCS or personal care services through the consumer-directed program through either the Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS) program or an MCO.

The NYSDOH is releasing this RFI for the following purposes:

  • Identify the options or different types of commonly used and industry-accepted tasking tool solutions and/or algorithms available in the market.
  • Understand the advantages or disadvantages of these available tasking tool solutions and/or algorithms.
  • Identify the requirements and timelines related to the implementation of different types of tasking tool solutions and/or algorithms.

Input from all interested parties is welcome, but the NYSDOH is especially interested in receiving feedback from those who have an established tasking tool solution and/or algorithm that uses or is capable of using outputs from the interRAI CHA to help inform a member’s plan of care, including but not limited to the number of hours of PCS and CDPAS that the member needs.

Schedule of Events

Issuance of Request for Information 5/6/21
Deadline for Submission of Responses Responses Due On Or Before 6/3/21
Anticipated Demonstration Dates 7/19/21-7/23/21 as scheduled with NYSDOH