Request for Information for Vehicle Evaluations and Modifications

Request for Information

The purpose of this RFI is to obtain vendor input to assist the New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Insurance Programs, (the Department) with information and solutions relating to evaluation and modification services for enrollee requests for vehicle modification for enrollees of programs administered by the Department including the New York State Medical Indemnity Fund (MIF), and several Medicaid waivers including the Children’s Waiver, the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Waiver, the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver, and such other programs as may be assigned to or administered by the Department. Each of these programs is described in Section C below.

Specifically, the Department is releasing this Request for Information (RFI) to:

  • Determine the level of interest of qualified and experienced firms to perform vehicle modification evaluations in accordance with relevant program regulations and/or requirements. Vehicle modifications are adaptations and/or changes to the structure and internal design of existing vehicle equipment to accommodate the needs of the program enrollee;
  • Develop a better understanding of the vendor’s needs to successfully perform a vehicle modification evaluation for eligible program enrollees;
  • Describe the length of time typically needed to perform the initial vehicle evaluation for a qualified recipient;
  • Understand the means and steps involved with communicating the results of the vehicle evaluation to a certified vehicle modification equipment provider;
  • Understand the most common type of vehicle modification request;
  • Develop a better understanding of the requirements needed to receive certification through the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) to become a NYS mobility equipment dealer;
  • Understand the processes of the vehicle modification evaluator to ensure the recommended scope of work and modifications have been successfully followed and installed by the modification provider;
  • Obtain a more comprehensive understanding of emerging trends in the industry.

Input from all interested parties is welcome, but the Department is especially interested in receiving feedback from those who have successfully performed evaluation services and/or vehicle modifications in New York State.

Schedule of Events

Release the RFI September 13, 2021
Deadline to Submit Questions October 1, 2021 by 4:00 p.m. ET
Answers to Questions
(via addendum or revised RFI)
October 12, 2021
RFI Response Due Date October 26, 2021 by 3:00 p.m. ET

DOH Contact Information

  • Vendors must direct all questions and responses in writing to and include “NYS MIF VMOD RFI” in the subject line. Please supply the responses via MS-Word, MS-Excel, or PDF files.