Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB)

The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act, signed into law on May 12, 2014, allows eligible Veteran business owners to get certified as a New York State Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB).

The Department of Health is fully committed to the SDVOB program and continues to meet or exceed the 6% participation goal in recent years. Our intent is to continue striving to increase SDVOB utilization by supporting the program and awarded vendors through creating connections and promoting opportunities within DOH.

Getting Certified

The OGS Division of Service-Disabled Veterans' Business Development is responsible for certifying eligible SDVOBs and assisting and promoting their participation in the state's procurement activities.

For more information on becoming a certified SDVOB in NYS, visit

SDVOB Participation in recent years

Year SDVOB Utilization $ SDVOB Utilization %
2022 $ 2,425,925 18.65%
2021 $ 2,494,742 8.71%

DOH and NYS Contracting Opportunities

Resources that can assist with connecting your business with DOH opportunities and opportunities across NYS.

Additional Resources

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