Single Source Procurement: Single Source Procurement: Clinical Education Enhancements in Support of ETE Blueprint Recommendations

The NYSDOH AIDS Institute (AI) is amending 3 contracts funded through the Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) in order to accomplish the following:

  1. Implement The ECHO model&tm;: AI proposes to implement ECHO sessions as a complement to the CEI existing online and in-person HIV, HCV and STI clinical training activities. The ECHO model™ links expert clinical specialist teams at an academic "hub" with primary care clinicians in local communities – the "spokes" of the model. Together, they participate in regular teleECHO&tm; clinics, which are like virtual grand rounds, combined with mentoring and patient case presentations. The clinics are supported by basic, widely available teleconferencing technology.
  2. Provide services to the deaf and hearing-impaired: AI proposes to implement two pilot projects aimed at this population. The first project would pilot the collection of public health surveillance data about HIV testing and HIV risks behaviors from Deaf sign language users throughout NYS using their primary language. The second project would pilot the development, implementation, and evaluation of a program to connect NYS Deaf sign language users receiving HIV counseling and testing, referral and partner notification (HCTRPN) and accessible HIV information (including care and treatment services) via a Video Call in American Sign Language (ASL).

Both vendors to be funded under this amendment were originally selected under competitive procurements. The two University of Rochester contracts C029085 and C029086 were procured under RFA #1305170759 and the St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center contract C029597 was resolicited under RFA #1311250810. The vendors chosen are Centers of Excellence currently contracted to provide education and training in HIV/HCV and STDs to NYS clinical providers to help enhance the capacity of New York's diverse health care workforce to deliver clinical services to improve health outcomes in the areas HIV, HCV, and STDs. The vendors chosen are conducting related services under this competitive competition and were selected for their capacity to provide professional and innovative educational trainings to help clinical providers meet the goals of the Governor's three-point plan to end the epidemic in New York State.

Procurement / Program Name Clinical Education Enhancements in Support of ETE Blueprint Recommendations
Contractor Name(s) University of Rochester-HIV/STD Resource Center, University of Rochester-STD Excellence Center, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital
Contract Period 7/1/2016 – 6/30/2019
Contract Number(s) C029085, C029086, C029597