Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation (BEEI) Guidance Documents

Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation (BEEI)
Regulation Title of Guidance Document Date of Document Additional Subject Matter Info
Public Health Law §206(1)(a), 206 (1)(d), 201(1)(n), 1300(1), 1389-b(1)(a), 1389-b(2), and 1389-b(3); Environmental Conservation Law §27-1305(2)(b), 27-1415(4), 27-1415(7)(c), and 27-1415(9); Navigation Law §177-a(4) and 177-a(5) Final Guidance for Evaluating Soil Vapor Intrusion in the State of New York October-07 This document provides guidance on identifying and addressing existing and potential human exposures to contaminated subsurface vapors associated with known or suspected volatile chemical contamination. The 2006 Guidance is applicable anywhere a soil vapor intrusion is evaluated in New York State and updates to the guidance document are maintained on the web.