Age-Friendly Health System Initiative

In 2017, New York State was designated by AARP as the first Age Friendly State, since then we have been committed to making sure age-friendly stays in the forefront of our evolving healthcare system.In 2018, the Governor's state of the state included a commitment to have 50% of our health systems become age friendly in five years.

To support the State's commitment in creating age-friendly communities, the State will set a goal of making fifty-percent of all health systems age-friendly within the next five years, which will include the establishment of age-friendly Emergency Rooms that will be better equipped to provide care to aging New Yorkers with cognitive and other physical disabilities.

Older New Yorkers deserve to know that they will receive the best healthcare, healthcare that takes into account the health problems or physical decline that they face as they age. By becoming age-friendly, we acknowledge that older patients often need a little bit of extra assistance when they interact with our health systems. With that we look to the next few years to make sure that our health systems are a place where older adults can go knowing that their needs will be met.

To learn more about Age-Friendly Initiative review the webinar below, visit IHI Age Friendly Health System Initiative, and e-mail Aging and Long Term Care Team at