2023 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR)

May 3, 2024

RE: Clarification #8 for Measurement Year (MY) 2023 Updates

Dear Colleague,

This letter contains information about edits incorporated into the 2023 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR) Technical Specifications, to align with the recently updated HEDIS/NCQA submission due dates. The updated files are posted on our Managed Care Information for Health Plans page. The revised specifications should be used in the plans' processing for MY2023 QARR.

This clarification includes the following changes made to the MY2023 QARR reporting requirements.

Change Summary
8 5/2/24 2023 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements, Technical Specifications Manual I. QARR Submission Table:
  • IDSS file for all payers – IDSS files must be locked by auditor (page 8)
  • Enrollee Survey de-identified member-specific file for QEPO, QPPO, QHMO, QPOS (page 8)
  • Patient-Level-Detail file for all products (includes NYS- specific measures) (page 8)
  • Optional enhancement files for MA, HIVSNP, and HARP (page 8)

  • Updated to: June 28, 2024

  • Updated to:June 28, 2024

  • Updated to:June 28, 2024

  • Updated to:June 28, 2024
III. Audit Requirements Section: 5th & 6th Bullets
  • Draft IDSS files recommended submission (page 10)
  • Final Audit Report (FAR) (page 10)

  • Updated to:June 28 deadline (recommended by June 14 )
  • Updated to: July 29, 2024
IV. Reporting Schedule Table:
  • Reporting Schedule - Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS) Submission (page 11)
  • Patient-Level Detail file & Enhancement files (page 11)

  • Updated to:June 28, 2024

  • Updated to:June 28, 2024
VI. Patient-Level Detail File Submission
  • PLD files due date (page 36)

  • Updated to:June 28, 2024

All updates to the MY2023 QARR Technical Specifications Manual have been highlighted for easy reference.

If there are any questions about the above edits, or if you find issues or have concerns with the MY2023 Technical Specifications manual or other documents, please email nysqarr@health.ny.gov.


Paloma Luisi, MPH
Director, Bureau of Quality Measurement & Evaluation
Center for Applied Research and Evaluation
Office of Quality and Patient Safety

CC: R. Josberger
       E. Nichols
       C. Fan