Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Review Panel (MMCARP)

Section 364-jj of the Social Services Law, as added by Chapter 649 of the Laws of 1996. The Panel began meeting in 1997. The Panel's charge is to: evaluate managed care provider capacity; determine whether auto-assignments are being minimized; review the 1115 program phase-in schedule; assess marketing, outreach and enrollment strategies; determine cost implications of exempt and excluded populations; evaluating the adequacy and appropriateness of program materials; examining trends in service denials; and assess the access to care for people with disabilities, and other issues as deemed appropriate.

Current Members:

  • Frederick B. Cohen, JD, Chair
  • Elisabeth Ryden Benjamin, MSPH, JD
  • Kathryn Haslanger
  • Jay B. Silverman, Esq.
  • Joel Landau
  • Sheila Nelson
  • Amber Decker
  • Frederic J. Riccardi
  • Ricardo Rivera-Cardona
  • Jane E. Velazquez

Meeting Materials

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