Supplemental Payment to Ambulance Providers

Dear Ambulance Provider:

The 2015-16 enacted New York State budget requires the Department of Health to make annual supplemental payments on a quarterly basis to ambulance providers who received a reimbursement for emergency transportation from the Medicaid Program during each quarter of each State Fiscal Year (SFY), as outlined below

  • 1st Quarter - April 1 through June 30
  • 2nd Quarter - July 1 through September 30
  • 3rd Quarter - October 1 through December 31
  • 4th Quarter - January 1 through March 31

The supplemental payment is based upon a total appropriation of $6,000,000, of which 25% ($1,500,000) will be distributed to providers within New York City and 75% ($4,500,000) will be distributed to providers outside New York City over the four quarters of each SFY. The Department has categorized each ambulance company that received reimbursement from Medicaid during the applicable timeframe into two categories: (1) "New York City Providers" for those companies based within the five city boroughs, and (2) "All Other Providers" for those companies not based within New York City.

The payment amount is derived from a ratio of the total Medicaid reimbursements paid to your company for emergency transportation to the total Medicaid reimbursements paid to all ambulance providers within the geographic area (category) under which your company is assigned for each quarter. The ratio is applied toward the quarter's supplemental payment amount, resulting in your company's quarterly supplemental payment.

Information specific to your company’s supplemental payment for each quarter is available by clicking on the corresponding link below. Please have your Provider ID available as companies are listed numerically by Provider ID. Payments are made in the same manner as your Medicaid claims reimbursements.

If you have any questions, please dial (518) 473-2160 and select option “1” to contact the Bureau of Medicaid Transportation or you may send an email to